‘At first glance, Melanie Maar’s dances are subtle creations, but by the final blackout, it’s hard to shake the feeling that you’ve traveled to a mystical land where nothing is what it seems. It wasn’t just her space, she seemed to be saying. It was ours, too.’  NYT, Gia Kourlas, October 23rd 2013

‘Remaining tranquil and contained, Maar’s acute dancing can seem hot and unruly. Her austere, ritualistic, dances are uncommonly good at evoking, without representing the natural world.’       The New Yorker, Brian Seibert, October 14th 2013

‘.., she exuded a banked fierceness. Stripping out of her green- and blue-toned clothing, Ms. Maar wielded a pair of deer antlers in a muscular, primal dance; it seemed that she might transform into a man, a beast or both.’ New York Times review by Claudia La Rocco 2010

” Phenomenal Bodies using the vibrant, primary colors of her cast’s costumes to offset the austerely sensual environment. This environment was as much aural as visual, particularly when she and the guitarist Kenta Nagai conversed using their respective arts.’ NYT Review Claudia La Rocco, April 10th 2009

Interview for Time Out Magazine- ‘Not just another Vienna Waltz’ by Gia Kourlas, Nov 19 2010

‘Melanie Maar’s performance was, in retrospect, an act of sheer courage and
nothing short of breathtaking.’
Gary Hilburger
North West Parkinson’s Foundation

Interview for Time Out Magazine- ‘Break on through to the other side’ by Gia Kourlas, April 8th 2009

Time Out Magazine

Wiener Zeitung, Austrian Cultural Forum NY, 2010
ACF Wiener Zeitung