Ongoing Class
practicing being and seeing- Qi Gong

In this class I offer space for a self nurturing, awake state that enables a Qi Gong based work with principles of energetic and anatomic dynamics in movement. We explore methods related to
the Chinese 5 Element System and Master Chia’s Universal Healing Tao through movement, image activation, sounding, meditation, theory and partner work. I approach the somatic, artistic and psychic as synergetic realms. This practice is a quest to expand possibilities of being and relating within our larger environment that can deepen our individual practice and ways.

[This class is for anyone interested]


practicing being and seeing – Performance

In this workshop I guide a practice of relating inner/outer seeing and being within the context of performance. Of choreography. Of a communal situation in the studio space.
We work with principles of sensory/perceptive dynamics, with object/sound activation, we move, talk, corporate, write and learn through partner work. Underlying questions are-
How can we distinguish between recognizing ourselves in a larger context and fully immersing in experience? What is sensory experience of meaningfulness in the body? How to use resistance as guidance? How to the engage with the present situation and dynamic  as creative source? How does our state of being change when we are being seen? How does being seen restore an undefinable balance?
This practice is a quest to deepen our skills as performers and to expand possibilities of relating within a shared artistic environment. Its an improvisation.

[This workshop is for professional performers within the fields of movement and sound]


I currently teach for Movement Research’s Somatic Practices and Physical Inquiries series,
for a senior’s movement program in the Bronx and work with private clients.

Recent workshops and classes we held at:
The Loft in Brooklyn, ClassClassClass NYC, Brooklyn Studios for Dance
Laboratório Somático Mexico City,
Pieter Los Angeles,
Studio Wolf and Tanzstudio Maar Vienna
The Danish National Dance School Copenhagen


image credit- Laura Bartczak