by Ian Douglas

ceremony us
MR at Judson, June 2014
with Kenta Nagai


                                       is performing in-

Anthony Braxton’s new Opera- Trillium J
(The Non-Unconfessionables)

April 17-19th, 2014 @ 8:00 pm
at Roulette


February 16th-5-8pm
Process Lab/Movement Research
with Melanie Maar
$5 donation to MR


                                                                                by Ian Douglas

Our Other
October 17-19/ 2013,  Danspace Project NYC

choreography and composition Melanie Maar
created and performed by Laurel Atwell, Marilyn Maywald and Melanie Maar,
created by lighting designer Carrie Wood and Maar.
additional live sound compositions by Abraham Gomez-Delgado
costumes by Melanie Maar

'Remaining tranquil and contained, Maar’s acute dancing can seem white-hot and unruly. Her austere, ritualistic, dances are uncommonly good at evoking, without representing the natural world.'
 The New Yorker, October 14th 2013




A short film by Derick Belcham/ Pressure.es
with Melanie Maar and Kenta Nagai


September 19th -22nd, 2013
The Austrian Cultural Forum presents
Moving Sounds Festival 2013

[claŋ cœr pɛr]  body of sound, the resonant body of an instrument, an orchestra

curated by Michel Galante, Melanie Maar and Christopher Zimmerman

image by Kenji Ouellet

There are many great events and performances at the Austrian Cultural Forum,
The Czech Center and Little Field Brooklyn. This year the music festival expands
further into performance and dance.
The first two days of the Festival are free events!


Workshop for The Movement Research Fall Festival, Dec 2012
 is all at once a class, a practice and a performance without audience. we are playing with vibration as movement and the empathetic relationship between movement and sound. We explore ways of engaging personal, energetic, visual, kinetic and sonic aspects given in this particular situation in the grand hall of St. Marks church.
Kenta Nagai will co- teach the Workshop.


                                                                                                                           by Ursula Scherrer
at Roulette
Composer/Choreographer Series
September 29th 2012
Melanie Maar with Shelley Hirsch and Kenta Nagai

Forthis night at Roulette choreographer and dancer Melanie Maar invited composers,vocalist Shelley Hirsch and musician Kenta Nagai

                                                                                                           by Ian Douglas 



Collective (Rachel Bernsen, Taylor Ho Bynum, Melanie Maar, Abraham Gomez-Delgado) brings together four artists across disciplines as equal partners in a shared endeavor. Performing together in various music and dance venues over the past two years, the group practices spontaneous action as a way to experience and share a collective consciousness as well as individual presence. Scores, principles and structures are both developed and discarded, as the search for a transdisciplinary understanding of risk and relationship, dialogue and intention, keeps this collective active.

Past performances include The Moving Sounds Festival 2013, The Stony Brook University Philosophy and Art Conference, The Vision Festival, The NOT Festival, The Poetry Project at St. Marks Church, Movement Research at Judson Church, Jalopy, The BIG ROOM's Take Your Time Series, The Loft, The Firehouse Space and internationally in Austria, Germany and Holland.

                                                        by Peter Gannushkin/downtownmusic.net 

                                with Anthony Braxton/Pine Top Aerial Music


Same Selves
choreography, light design, costumes Melanie Maar
performance and creation Melanie Maar, Marilyn Maywald & Tayol Ho Bynum

Inspired by works on metamorphosis and splitting images, this dance is guided
by animal presence, darkness, visual musicality, and light.
December 4th 2012,The Big Room, NY
December 6th  Movement Research @ Judson Church NYC
February 4th 2012, Roulette NYC
June 19th, 20th 2012, studio performance at Baryshnikov Arts Center, NYC

                                                                                                   by Sophia Ribeiro


Spaces and Bones
choreography, costumes- Melanie Maar
performance, creation- Kenta Nagai and Melanie Maar
light design- Carrie Wood

                                                                                          by Verena Kurz

 In Spaces and Bones the animal and the ego, the mystical and the common and the metaphysical male andfemale aspects can dwell in simple space and lights. She collaborates withaudio-visual artist Kenta Nagai to create a context where questions about the revealing nature of live performance can live.
Spaces and Bones was commissioned by and and premiered at The Chocolate Factory Theater NYC in December 2010 and was presented at ImPuls Tanz Vienna in July 2011 and Next Move Festival Troy, NY 2013.
Residencies at Vienna ImpulsTanz and at Pieter in Los Angeles made the work possible.

'.., she exuded a banked fierceness. Stripping out of her green- and blue-toned clothing, Ms. Maar wielded a pair of deer antlers in a muscular, primal dance; it seemed that she might transform into a man, a beast or both.'
read the full New York Times review by Claudia La Rocco here:
read an extended Time Out interview by Gia Kourlas here:
 for contact and more info- melaniemaar@gmail.com


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our other /by Melanie Maar, short/ by Laura Bartczak
Danspace Project NYC 2013

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Maar and Schroeder, us
Performance of 'us' at mo.e Vienna 2013. i.s.m. FestivalMelanie Maar, Christian Konrad Schroeder

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Melanie Maar 'Spaces and Bones' , with Kenta Nagai
performance at Impuls Tanz Festival Vienna 2011
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Sisyphus at AUNTS event.
1 hour performance event at Office ops, Brooklyn. Movement Research Festival
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Maar and Nagai, Bones II, NYC 2009
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Off and On (edit) WPC 2006 D.C.
by Melanie Maar, sound composition Doug Henderson, World Parkinson's Congress, Washington D.C.
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LOWER, excerpt
choreography Melanie Maar, additional performer Mari Lopez, Edith Greutmann Danspaceproject 2008
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Phenomenal Bodies
choreography Melanie Maar performance Marilyn Maywald, Mariangela Lopez, Kenta Nagai Dance Theater Workshop NYC, 2009
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Melanie Maar, MR@Judson Church 11.24.08
untitled live Performance: Melanie Maar and Kenta Nagai
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