Spaces and Bones

choreography, costumes – Melanie Maar
performance, creation –  Kenta Nagai and Melanie Maar
light design –  Carrie Wood
photo credit – Verena Kurz

premiere at The Chocolate Factory NYC 2011
Impuls Tanz Vienna 2012, Next Move Festival Troy NY 2013

In Spaces and Bones the animal and the ego, the mystical and the common and the metaphysical male andfemale aspects can dwell in simple space and lights. She collaborates with audio-visual artist Kenta Nagai to create a context where questions about the revealing nature of live performance can live.

‘.., she exuded a banked fierceness. Stripping out of her green- and blue-toned clothing, Ms. Maar wielded a pair of deer antlers in a muscular, primal dance; it seemed that she might transform into a man, a beast or both.’

full New York Times review by Claudia La Rocco:

Interview for Time Out Magazine- ‘Not just another Vienna Walz’, by Gia Kourlas, Nov19th 2010